Hi, I'm Chloe!

What's up friends! I cannot wait to get to know you but until then here is a little about me!! I am based out of east Alabama on the boarded of Alabama and Georgia and I work mostly in the Phenix City and Columbus area. However no distance is too far for me I love to travel! I love plants I currently have 56 different plants and a good cold brew is always my go to. My love for photography and being a creator comes from my creator Jesus. My faith is the base of all things I do as well as this business and I am overwhelmed by what a blessing it has been to my life. I love capturing sweet moments for you to cherish forever and I hope our encounters lead you and your family to a deeper love and appreciation of each other and the season you are in. A session with me will be loud and full of laughter, sessions are supposed to be fun and personal so if you aren't looking for a new best friend then you have come to the wrong place!! I love developing relationships with each of my clients on a personal level as I am there for each precious life moment I love to share as well as capture that joy.

Picture of the photographer siting with head on their hand

I used to hate being in-front of the camera

Its true I never enjoyed being in front of the camera because I felt awkward and that was enough for me to not want my own memories captured. This was until I was forced out of my comfort and to trust the process of brilliant creators and it is now something I passionately enjoy. The images above are from my latest trip to Alaska on a photography workshop. Switching positions has allowed me to understand the awkwardness and hesitation that comes with taking photos but it has also allowed me to see the beauty that comes from simply relaxing and trusting my photographer which is what I hope you will do with me.



Mae & Jeremy

I met Chloe By chance and it was the best thing to happen to us. Not only have we worked on projects together but she has helped me capture precious moments and memories in my life, that I will cherish forever. she is beyond talented and I will forever book with her.

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